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Lenin’s statue demolished in Tripura


BJP, the ruling party of India is celebrating the victory of a small sate by blasting and razing the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Tripura , a south Tripura town.

Razing down the 15-foot fibre statue of Russian revolutionary Lenin at College Square in southern Tripura’s Belonia town, barely 100 metres from the office of the superintendent of police, exhibited how irate mobs are going berserk against political opponents.

But violence, attacks, arson, targeted assault and forceful seizure of offices over the past three days, which culminated in the toppling of Lenin’s statue, are glaring examples of the disruptive attitude that plagues the saffron party, which is promising a “new India”.

People are setting fire on their own head by voting religious and communal outlets. If God  don’t do anything in 2019, none can save People of India.

How to write a poem?

Rather writing poetry to express bluntly what you have experienced, write poems to create feelings to the reader.

Focus on these points while writing a poetry.

    1. Know Your Goal
    1. Avoid Clichés
    1. Avoid Sentimentality
    1. Use Images
    1. Use Metaphor and Simile
    1. Use Concrete Words Instead of Abstract Words
    1. Communicate Theme
    1. Subvert the Ordinary
    1. Rhyme with Extreme Caution
    1. Revise, Revise, Revise
    And finally read yourself as a Reader and if you can’t explain it yourself, expel the poem and write again.
    Happy Writing!!

The Night’s whisper


the Moon and stars stare the skin,
Zephyr of moana abrades the sweating,
Along the forehead to gullet,
We swallow each other’s tongue,
Night’s whisper reverberates as –
the Sun rises above the Ocean’s head.

Love : quote

The ultimate foolishness of human being to believe that someone cares more than yourself.

A girl – An odourless flower

An odourless flower she is,
Smells upon the way she is handled,
An aroma as we treat her good,
Stinks when our words stink her heart.

Civil war – Suicide of mankind

Dear Politico, we are not fighting against,
The aliens of mankind, rather ourselves,
Polluting the mother nature,
Make us feel raping the own siblings,
Rational mind is tortured to death,
We all throwing stones of our future,
It’s the hell we are building to rest.

Pray for the Syrians

Bleeding Syria

No matter what the problem is there, It’s unjustifiable to kill the children and women.
It’s unethical to kill the old people and diseased.

Dear Mankind, Live & Let others live.

Pray for the Good souls of the Syria!

Perished mankind

World if filled with despair,
It’s full of hatred and enmity,
Mankind perished in voyage.

What makes you to read a post fully?

Dear followers we all have an interest to read the whole post rather just hitting like button. Give a comment and say what makes you to read it fully?
and reblog this post to get more opinions..

The love beyond the sky

Our love spreads beyond,
the sky and the galaxies,
Catch me in mind’s speed.

Hindi neither National nor Classical language

Hindi- as most of the outside world think of as the National language of India, You are wrong!!

When someone says I am from India, it doesn’t mean he should speak or write Hindi. India has 1652 languages with sizeable speaking population.
Out of 1652 languages government of India has approved 22 languages as official languages and Hindi is one among them.
So next time when you meet an Indian ask him what’s his language!!

India does not have a national language!

Widely Hindi and English are used in official documents and Hindi is enjoying the status with the gratitude of the other 21 languages.

There are about 6 classical languages are in India and Hindi is not one among them.

I will catch up in next post about the classical languages!

Once more

She pleads the sun to stop rising in East,
And she pierces her fingers in my thighs,
To stay cuddled till the dusk in West,
Sun raised not in the sky,
But made me aroused high,
I hold the honeypot,
till she unleashes beads of honey,
We then play it around the bush,
Uttering the hushes of big ‘O’.

Condom Education: Word challenge – sarcasm  — A Passers By

I accepted a word challenge from one of my fellow follower friend FREE TO EXPRESS and I am writing a poem on the word sarcasm. Worth to be turn on TV, Turned on adults advised to wear, A phallus envelop, A honeypot’s cup, Children are taught, Sex education at free of cost. So here I […]

via Condom Education: Word challenge – sarcasm  — A Passers By

V day- The reminder of Love

The reminder of our love,
A day is not enough to express,
The universal truth of souls,
United in karma and in heaven,
Our beloved persona,
Will long for everyday to express,
The moments and memoir of kisses,
We will make another event of love,
While our flushes stroke against,
We will forget the moments,
To make a moment to remember.

Bitcoin is riskier than Stocks!

All you wondered what I am talking about?.. Yes the new word Bitcoin that is spoken across the investment firms. A new form of very very high risky investment strategy.
Bitcoin is nothing but a cryptocurrency that is currently 1 Bitcoin equals
16470.04 US Dollar. Yes that huge!!
People are buying in the hope it will appreciate more in near future.
But remember that this is a very risky business than the stocks!

Do your own research before you invest in Bitcoins rather listening to the people around you.

Tips to How to get more likes? #1

Alien of Poetry

Huh, you ever wondered how a freshly created blog get attention of many followers?

There is a simple of getting there and nothing big secret.

1. Select an easy theme which takes less time to load the page, because users don’t wait for your page to load.

2. Don’t put more pics and videos on the blog, because it will slow down the loading of the page.

3. Never select a theme which is transparent, I used to get irritated when I cannot read them properly.

4. Never write pages of story and here nobody reads only your blog, limit to 100 words max. I am sure any information you can write within 100 words, or split into many posts.

5. Read others work and comment them too, don’t automate to like your followers posts. I count comments not the likes.

I will write in another post of more tips…

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How did you propose your love?

Dear friends, we all have struck with love once in lifetime if not that stone hearted.
Here I am talking about the romantic love. You can share in comments, Did you really said ‘ I Love you’ in face? or Did you went home and ringed his phone and whispered in those words?

Or did you write it down on a paper and placed under his table in office and left on vacation without any communication? Sounds interesting right? share it , will be interested your impressive love proposals…

A corporate Indian government

Indian government implemented a disabled demonetisation in last year and since then whopping of Middle class people’s money has been a routine of action in all viable ways.

State owned bank SBI and other banks announced a penalty of not maintaining minimum balance of 5000 INR.
Facing unprecedented pressure on their profitability due to staggering bad loans, banks have now found minimum account balance (MAB) charges as a lucrative source of revenue.
The State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest public sector bank, for example, raked up as much as Rs 1,771 crore during April-November 2017 in MAB charges. The amount surpasses the bank’s second quarter net profit of Rs 1,581.55 crore.

During the same period Indian government slashed the 3 lakh crore of INR of the corporate loans.
Should we call them Corporate Government or Government of People?.

Short Story – (Sharvari – Part:1)

The Cosmos within me!


(An unsuitable journey towards LOVE!)

She was staring at herself in the mirror looking at her face, when everything went still. It was as if her entire past was staring back. It reminded her of how she started her journey from a small town in search of love, and how she was back at square one!

Born in lower middle-class family Sharvari was a bright child with one baby brother. Sharvari’s childhood was a phase of her life that had shaped her for all the tragedies of life. Perhaps she had seen too much of what we call life! Being the elder sister of the family she never lived her life, she was constantly pressured by her family to earn more money and support her parents. Deprived of love from her family Sharvari started finding love in books and music. She would spend all her free time reading books and singing…

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Happy New You!

Mitch Teemley

Light breaking through1

“Anyone who belongs to Him is a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun.” ~2 Corinthians 5:17

I became a Jesus follower in my mid-20s, and have spent much of my life since sharing his lifechanging message. And yet some old patterns of thinking and behaving, some of the old person, persisted. It was as if I were using two conflicting operating systems. Not surprisingly, this caused frequent crashes!

“Kindle afresh the gift of God that is in you.” ~2 Timothy 1:6

So, four years ago, I recommitted myself to abandoning the old operating system and relying exclusively on the new one. But I couldn’t accomplish this on my own.

“Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given to do, and then sink yourself into that.” ~Galatians 6:4

Hungry for consistent functionality,I began downloading “apps”—memorizing, meditating…

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2017 in Glover Gardens: Looking Back to Look Ahead

Glover Gardens

It seems like yesterday that I was creating this post, Happy New Year!and looking ahead to 2017, and now here we are again, at the brink of yet another new year. I look forward to sharing and connecting with you all in 2018 via the Glover Gardens blog, and looking back at what you liked here in 2017 is giving me some ideas for the days ahead.

Popular Posts and Themes from 2017

You Read My Heartfelt Poems

steven-harvell-1423142466 My brother Steve

The #1 post, by far, was My Brother’s Suicide: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light.  The poem honors my brother, who left us in 2013. It was hard to write and share this, and yet so cathartic and restorative. Your response uplifted me.

22491917_10214376041985611_537336697105212003_n Dad and me in 1970

Four other poems were in the top posts of 2017, two of which reflect the unexpected…

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Shiva’s Dance

Timeless Classics

Once you have been blasted
Past a certain rise of pain
Spec’ially if it happens
Again and yet again

When all’s been lost, regained, relost
Eventually you
A place you cannot seem to leave
Find you have come unto

No matter how secure the walls
Steadily surround you now
How dignified and old the halls
How deeply servants bow

In your imagination see
Those walls come tumbling down
The halls collapse, each unctuous smile
Turn into threat’ning frown

It is a sobering affair
This knowledge of impermanence
Beneath the hoop of Shiva’s wheel
Where we’ve all come to dance

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Friends share me your first post of 2018 here

I will reblog them on my blog..will be pleased to read your first post of this year

Happy New year!!![200 followers] — LOW ON JUICE

So my resolution(s) for this year is to: 1)Plant a sapling every month. 2)Follow atleast 5 new people every week on WordPress. 3)Jog once a week(mostly sundays). 4)Smile at atleast 10 people every single day. 5)Read atleast 75 books(I have a membership with a library of taking 3 books at a time any number of […]

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2018- Happy New Year

Welcome you with open handed,
Come with full of happiness,
Fill the prosperity everywhere,
Freshen the world with peace,
Wish you a very happy birthday.



Thanks to my follower for giving such unique word which I never thought of writing.

Food, the God of hungry being,
Water, the God of thirsty living,
We live with burning of bread,
We run with the flow of aqua,
Let’s pray and eat,
Before we start to taste,
Must thank him for this moment,
Food the soul’s garment.

Close to my heart

A duet with a poetess:


Me: I was waiting over the bed,
Hoping you hold your finger,
Pulling close to chest ,

Her : Melting down like that candle wax,
Your love dripping over me,

Me: your breathe swings like the heat of sun,
My body melts like the wax,
I am melting and you lick it softly,

Her: Those smells lingers,
Feels like sandal wood,
All in this atmosphere,
The sugary love stays,
Soft lips melts more and more-,
in the charms of white sheets,
We got invisible,
Wrapping like two stems of climbers

Me: I ooze out the waxed droplets,
along the veins of your belly,
through the chest till the hips,
you smile like a honey bee,
As I drag the drops to draw a line of love,
your tongue’s fervor of feeling,
lifts me higher to ecstasy

Her: I held you fingers in mine,
As you tried to glide in,
Your eyes in me,
Like petals ready to bloom,
And the nights warmth covered more with its black ink,
As all the moons seem to glitter on two of us,

Me: You take my finger deep in throat,
Like swallowing the creamed sticks,
You make it dance like a star,
As I feel the heat and thin saliva,
It passes trough the tip and root,
You let not a droplet to lost.

Her: You take your finger out,
And cover my body with yours,
putting me under you,
I caress your cheecks,
Looking at your eye balls,
And you glide inside my hairs,
And tasted my warm flesh, its heat.

Me: I closely cover you under mine,
To safeguard against the enemy’s attack,
I become shield of your assets,
You take me along yours,
And hide under the bedsheet,
Till you swallow my manliness,
With your feminine and desire,
The lust inside burning like coal,
We thrive toward reaching a climax of scene.

All I can see in you


All I can see in your eyes,
the love in one and lust in other,
As you advance the fingers,
Up and down, all o’er me,
As I slip in bed,
Your hands hold me up,
And you turning me on,
I still looking in eyes,
All I can see is searching,
The love in me, the love in me.



India the peninsular land of saints,
A mountain of religions and beliefs,
Ocean of knowledge and science,
Was swallowed under the colonial rule,
Lost it’s morals and unity,
People forgot the ethics and divinity,
Divided and ruled for half millennium,

Patriots and freedom fighters,
Emerged and fallen under bullets,
the land of non-violence against British bullets,
Fetched the freedom under Mahatma’s leadership,
World understood the meaning freedom fight.

Democracy flourished and a declared republic,
Once again taken under control of politicians,
Was stolen and looted the wealth abroad,
She lost her beauty and customs,
Indians struggling under the poor leaders,

India the peninsular land of looters,
We pray her beauty to be revived.


Seasons are reminders of our love,
We started as spring bees,
Our loved shed like an autumn,
Fights are heating like summer,
Hibernating our love as winter.



Serendipity of love has no time,
Doesn’t wait for nod of none,
It enters with no time,
Kindles mind and soul,
Makes sleepless nights and dreams,
Ends with fights and tears.


Ocean of memories piled up,
Like a mountain of sorrows,
Every breakup sheds tears.

Give me a word to write

Give me a word and I will write a poem starting with that word…

We are living afar

We met through bits and bytes,
Sent the words across the air,
We liked each other’s desire,
Started loving though not met,
We shared the likes alike,
Stayed for hours at nights,
We talked o’er the air,
Starving for hours of talk,
We ended up fighting everyday,
Space enlarged to tear,
We are living afar, because.

Beautiful Ugly

Her lips and cheeks,
Invade the heart and beat,
I thrive to her feet,
She feels shame on me,
Her beauty looks ugly,
When I try to enter her heart.

Untie the belt

The rain water showers the leaves,
My lips rave the lips,
I hold you tight to my breathe,
You struggle to escape the grip,
We struggle below on the bed,
Your smooching air unties the knot,
I try to hold your waist till,
You ohw the orgasm at high.

Thanks those who care me

Thanks to the followers who care me and welcomed when I return after few months. I really wish to convey you a thank you so much and warm hugs dear friends.

This reminds me that I am not alone in this world and there are still people around me. I wish to continue keep writing for you guys..This is really a awesome blogging world to be connected with.

Once again thanks a lot for remembering me and my blogging. Have a wonderful blogging friends.

Best gift for breakup

Tears are not the answer,
Living up to let them cry,
Will be best gift of breakup,
And worst gift for those,
Treat the love as affair.

Friday night

We shall party tonight,
Dance and sing,
Let the floor fly high in air,
Our nerves giggles the tickle,
We are heading to weekend.

It’s just us

The scent of your hair,
Drags me from very far,
I caress it like winter breeze,
You snuggle into my arms,
I hug you like a newborn,
You sneeze the heat onto my chest,
I will the warmth of our skins,
Until drop fro my hand,
To the bed,
I feel like flying over you,
Tell me you want me now.

A long break

Hey folks, it has been long since I was active in blog. With some personal concerns I stopped writing for some time.
I apologise for not writing /reading your works,and that said I feel you wont leave me not reading my work from now.
I will continue from now..I wish everyone a happy blogging.

Joke – Interview

HR : There is a 2 years gap on your CV!
Candidate : I was in jail

HR : Why?
Candidate: I killed the guy who told me “we’ll call you back”

HR : Welcome on board, you have the Job


Hubby: I saw a monkey yesterday.
Wife: Oh, is it the first time you saw the Mirror?

Share me your life’s quote (5 seconds read)

Share me the quote that you adore and follow in life

How to live at peace

We all struggle to live up in peace with the surrounding restless world.
There is no peace anywhere, we gotta run in the race of life, to live with the people around you.
If we stop for a day we are at most extinct state of being and we will end up is mess.
So what can we do to keep in peace of mind and life.

#1. Do What makes you happy
#2. Listen to your heart not the people around you
#3. Be alone and feel yourself and love thyself
#4. Empathize with people around but don’t fall in prey
#5. Do meditate your thoughts

Love is a medicine

Medicine of the soul and heart,

While we fall in abyss,

To suffer more in life.

A girl’s wish

I want to touch me;

Like the feathers caressing silk.

I want you to kiss me;

Like the classic dove kiss.

I want you to stay with me;

Like the Sun and the Earth.

I want you to smile at me;

Like the moon on the sky.

I want you to hug me;

Like the new born baby.

I want you to look at me;

Like the mirror on the wall.

Most expensive gift

What do you think is the most expensive gift I can give my friend?

Hit me on face.. If you don’t like

If you guys feel of any of poem is too long or difficult to follow to the end just hit me hard on my face. Meaning that just say in comments if it’s negative though.

I really care what do you say.

Thanks for reading

Farmers’ Suicide — Might be, I’m Wrong

Farmer. One man Army or would you like to give some other name to this man. Let me introduce him. He is the one who grows cereals for us. He is the one who is behind the food that we eat every day, three times or even more. He is behind every tinniest particle […]

via Farmers’ Suicide — Might be, I’m Wrong

When beloved people go far


Importance of a beloved people,
Shrink to a cell when we are near,
While we unveil the significance,
They fly afar,
Life brings up surprises,
We find new friends in life again.

Who wrote this letter

He wrote in her heart,
He posted in air,
She received in dreams,
She read in darkness,
Written that love is,
Filled up with pain,
That haunts as twilight.

Beneath the bruise


She is hiding the pain,
Beneath the bruise in heart,
Not longing for his love,
But the memories he left,
Abandoned as an orphan,
And left her in middle of jungle,
Her smiles are fake in real.

Siddhar – Pattinaththaar – 17

Old Tamil Poetry

Life’s false, death is real; so don’t wish
anyone harm, my heart! – while we think
our paunch is ours, dogs,foxes, ghouls and vultures
wait thinking it’s theirs.

இருப்பதுபொய் போவதுமெய் என்றெண்ணி நெஞ்சே
ஒருத்தருக்கும் தீங்கினை உன்னாதே – பருத்ததொந்தி
நம்மதென்று நாமிருப்ப நாய்நரிகள் பேய்கழுகு
தம்மதென்று தாமிருக்கும் தான் !

“Life in this world is false, death is the only constant. Keep this in mind my hear and do not think of harming others. Because we think our paunch is ours. But the dogs, foxes, ghouls and vultures in the graveyard wait for us thinking that it is to be food for them after we die.”

Pattinathaar was one of the prominent Siddhars (ascetic rebels) in Tamil nadu. There have been atleast 3 people named Pattinathaar, living in 10th, 14th and 17th centuries. This poem is thought to have been written by the second one, from 14th Century. I have not been able to conclusively…

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Valaiyaapathi – 41

Old Tamil Poetry

Youth isn’t permanent; pleasure isn’t long lasting;
Wealth too is like that; everyday is a flood of misery;
don’t think these are forever; prepare daily for salvation
like the farmer who produces seeds for next season.

இளமையும் நிலையாவால்; இன்பமும் நின்ற அல்ல;
வளமையும் அஃதேபோல் வைகலும் துன்ப வெள்ளம்
உளஎன நினையாதே செல்கதிக்கு என்றும் என்றும்
விளைநிலம் உழுவார் போல் வித்துநீர் செய்து கொண்மின்.

Youth is not permanent. It will be over in a jiffy. The pleasure you chase in youth isn’t long lasting. So is the wealth you think you have. Life is but a flood of misery. So don’t think these (youth, pleasure and wealth) are forever. Only the good deeds you do in this birth will help you achieve salvation. So be like the farmer who works hard but doesn’t consume everything he produces. He saves seeds for the next season from this year’s harvest.

This poem is from Valaiyapathi, dated to 9th Century…

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Pura Naanooru – 312

Duties of an Youth

Old Tamil Poetry

To give birth and nurture is my duty;
to make him wise is his father’s duty;
to forge a spear for him is blacksmith’s duty;
to impart virtue is Ruler’s duty;
to destroy enemies in battle with dazzling sword,
kill war elephants and return is youth’s duty.

ஈன்று புறந்தருதல் என் தலைக் கடனே;
சான்றோன் ஆக்குதல் தந்தைக்குக் கடனே;
வேல் வடித்துக் கொடுத்தல் கொல்லற்குக் கடனே;
நன்னடை நல்கல் வேந்தற்குக் கடனே,
ஒளிறு வாள் அருஞ் சமம் முருக்கி,
களிறு எறிந்து பெயர்தல் காளைக்குக் கடனே.

This is a stirring poem written from the point of view of a woman from a martial clan. She says, “To bring forth a son and nurture him is my duty. To teach him skills and make him knowledgeable is his father’s duty. To provide him with weapons is the blacksmith’s duty. It is the duty of our ruler to point him in the path of virtue. The bull like strong youth’s duty is to…

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Thirukkural – 666

Old Tamil Poetry

They reach their goal as planned,
those who are steadfast in their plan

எண்ணிய எண்ணியாங்கெய்துப வெண்ணியார்
திண்ணிய ராகப் பெறின்

Thirukkural 666.

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Thirukkural – 601

Old Tamil Poetry

Lustrous lamp of one’s clan will dim and peter out,
if grime of laziness creeps in.

குடி என்னும் குன்றா விளக்கம், மடி என்னும்
மாசு ஊர, மாய்ந்து கெடும்.

Though one might have been born in a fabled clan, if he becomes lazy the brightness of his clan dignity will dim and peter out.

குன்றா விளக்கம் – is taken as long burning lamp without a wick by Parimel Alagar in his commentary. Devaneya Paavaanar interprets it as ‘light provided by rare gems’. His reasoning is that grime creeping on gem will dim and put out the light. I have gone with Devaneya Paavaanar’s interpretation.

குடி – Clan
மடி – Laziness
மாசு – grime / dust
ஊர்தல் – creep in
மாய்ந்து – dim / become lustreless
கெடும் – extinguished / destroyed

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Will post-Brexit UK swallow America’s “chlorinated chicken” for a trade deal? —

The US is the second-largest exporter of poultry meat in the world (following only Brazil) but Europe has long banned its chicken from import, thanks to the American practice of bathing chicken carcasses in chlorine. But as the UK prepares to leave the European Union in March 2019, free-trade groups and advocates, including the UK’s…

via Will post-Brexit UK swallow America’s “chlorinated chicken” for a trade deal? — Quartz

His Raving Eyes – a duet

This is my first duet with ritikapeace an amazing poet and a writer.
Thanks ritikapeace for your time.

The gasps in his eyes
Were blinking in deep.
Whirls in the brain,
Storming the carmines,

Your beauty of wine,
Drowning deep me in thoughts,
Like a soaked honey date,
Sweetening my tongue to red.

My eyes checking you
Hope you don’t recognise.
Oh! do.
The reflectors near porch
Don’t show my side eyes.
Oh! do.

I glide my eyes through you,
Letting it flow like a breeze,
Sigh. Oh , thee lord Brahma,
You created while dreaming beauty.

Breakthrough oh glass this strangeness
This diaphragm feeling controlled breaths
I’m getting high.
Come on now oh placidity
Ruin me up in your eyes
I’m getting now high.

Ask me anything!

Dear fellow bloggers you must be scratching your head to ask me something at times. If at all never had such feel, that’s ok.

If you are the ones head such thought ever, here is the opportunity go on. Ask me anything you want. I will reply to you.

As long as not offensive and not vulgar I will reply.

3 places we shouldn’t say “see you”

Hinduism is not a religion. It’s a way of living. There is none can claim who founded this way of praying. None knows when it was created and where it is heading over.

There are many teaching most of the modern people believe as it’s a superstitious beliefs. If you are one believing in  vibrations around you and the negative/ positive frequency around you, it’s certain that we should believe in the negative thoughts and talks. We should avoid to such negative aura around us.

Such thoughts we are taught not to deliver in few places where we should not say ” see you again” and we should rather say “Bye”

To a doctor

When we go to a doctor , we go for a physical or mental problem and when we leave the place from a doctor we should say ” Bye” rather ” See you” because, we believe that we will not come again for such problem again.

To a Lawyer

When we go to a lawyer, we don’t go for any good thing, rather some problems at life. When we leave him we should rather say “Bye” meaning the same, I will not come to you for any such problem again.

At the funeral place

When we go for a funeral, we should say “Bye” it means, such a bad time won’t come again to you , I won’t happen to come again here, so “Bye”.

So people not limited to these incidents there might be more, but it’s upto you to believe in or not. Say in comments what you feel.

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Because I’m not a adult writer and I do write about anything. Some of you may be having concerns. Let me know on the comments section.

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Eve’s night


Everyday evening becomes Eve’s night,
We shed our sheaths under the bed,
We direct the game of love,
We play it right with no guidance,
There is no rules,
No commands to rule us,
We make the pearl drops to flow,
Free below thighs,
We suck the honey out of tongue,
Until the dawn of Adam’s night.

A day to Moon – a duet #1

This is a first duet written in collaboration with Subbashini Meenakshi Sundaram

In search of peace
In search of freshness
In search of purity

Me: We walk to the moon,
Like a phoenix to the Sun,
Until we burn to ashes,

In search of wisdom
In search of true souls
As we spoiled our gifted earth

Me: We are in happy flight,
We are sure of plight,
We should walk there right.

Moon was not bright
It want us to smash our mask and be right
It blessed ‘ you can be as you like’

Me: Not easy as you think friend,
We are landing darkness of life,
Let the Sun enlighten with us Moon.

Nanmanik Kadigai – 55

There is No better God than Mother

Old Tamil Poetry

There’s no body part better than eyes;
there’s no kin more intimate than spouse;
there’s nothing that equals sparkle of kids;
there’s no God on par with Mom.

கண்ணிற் சிறந்த உறுப்பில்லை கொண்டானின்
துன்னிய கேளிர் பிறரில்லை மக்களின்
ஒண்மையவாய்ச் சான்ற பொருளில்லை ஈன்றாளோ
டெண்ணக் கடவுளு மில்.

Eyes are better than all other body parts for a human being. There is no relative who is closer than one’s husband. There is nothing equal to the splendour of kids. There is no God who can be on par with one’s mother.

சிறந்த – better
கொண்டான் – husband
துன்னிய – close / intimate
மக்கள் – children
ஒண்மை – splendour / knowledge
சான்ற – சார் – equal
ஈன்றாள் – one who gave birth (mother)
ஓடு எண்ண – think with (on par)

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Naanmanik Kadigai – 92

Don’t let Sin Rule over you

Old Tamil Poetry

To not learn while young is a sin;
generosity while in want is a sin;
anger while unaided by kin is a sin;
it’s a sin to dine at the home of unfriendly;

இளமைப் பருவத்துக் கல்லாமை குற்றம்;
வளம் இலாப் போழ்தத்து வள்ளன்மை குற்றம்
கிளைஞர் இல் போழ்தில், சினம் குற்றம்; குற்றம்,
தமர் அல்லார் கையகத்து ஊண்.

It is a sin to not learn when one is young. It is a sin to be generous and philanthropic when one himself is indigent. To be angry and itch for a fight when unaided by one’s relatives is a sin. It is a sin to eat at the home of those who are unfriendly.

கிளைஞர் – relative / kin

தமர் – friend

அகம் – home

ஊண் – food

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Nothing is permanent

Youth isn’t permanent; pleasure isn’t long lasting; Wealth too is like that; everyday is a flood of misery; don’t think these are forever; prepare daily for salvation like the farmer who produces seeds for next season. இளமையும் நிலையாவால்; இன்பமும் நின்ற அல்ல; வளமையும் அஃதேபோல் வைகலும் துன்ப வெள்ளம் உளஎன நினையாதே செல்கதிக்கு என்றும் என்றும் விளைநிலம் உழுவார் போல் வித்துநீர் […]

via Valaiyaapathi – 41 — Old Tamil Poetry

Like this post if you ready for a duet?

Are you ready for a duet? Just comment below …

“A day to Moon” is the title that we will write a duet.

6 stanzas maximum. 3 +3 would be duet poem.

Life is beautiful

Beautiful life it is,

Expectations over God increases,

Over and over, day by day,

Our mood swaying away,

He gives what we deserve not desires,

We forget to observe and misperceive.

Think there’s one suffered more than you,

Not be excited when you are in excess,

there’s one offered more than your success.

The warriors of tomorrow


Warriors of tomorrow,
In the arms of their moms,
Son of battlefield while grown.

Tips to How to get more likes? #2

Guys I am back with few more tips for getting more likes and users.

You can refer my first post for the tips and here I will add some of the things which I feel a good to share points.

1. Don’t just like other’s post, comment them at least once.
2. Follow the fellow bloggers from the same theme/genre.
3. Let other user publish their work on your blog.
4. Don’t show your vocabulary in blogging. Keep it simple.
5. Don’t repeat the points in the post, write to the point.
6. Don’t offend other blogger, if you dont like them, unfollow from their blog.
Nobody wants a moral police advice them.

These are the points I wanted to say today. If anything missed, please comment below that will be useful for others.

Learned today

Today was Yesterday’s tomorrow; And tomorrow is today’s Yesterday; You cannot change them but you can change today.

Challenge #2


Our Mixed Box

Topic: Beauty
By: A Passer By

He wondered he was blindfolded in amaurophilia or by her eternal beauty!


I nominate: Shreyas Mogal and Shreya Sharma

Topic: Sea

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She was a pie


Tasted from top to bottom,
Licking like a honey on hand,

Her hands moved along the backbone,
I slipped between those legs,

Found a flowery pink petals,
Gushing the honey out,
It was writing a pleasure poem,
On her thighs wetting the panty,

It was a pleasure night,
Where we fall on each other’s hand,
Dreaming of next round of pleasure.

Learned today

Being slave of an intellectual is better than being head of fools.

Do You Need a Writer? 

A guest post my friend and one of the top commenter on my blog..Thanks to her for accepting and writing this piece of poem !!!!

Condom Education: Word challenge – sarcasm 

I accepted a word challenge from one of my fellow follower friend FREE TO EXPRESS and I am writing a poem on the word sarcasm.


Worth to be turn on TV,
Turned on adults advised to wear,
A phallus envelop,
A honeypot’s cup,
Children are taught,
Sex education at free of cost.

So here I have a word game where I will give the bloggers a word and you all have frame a blog with that word you can write anything an article, poem, 4liners, haiku, scribbles even you can tell any story of yours that comes in your mind related to it, anything and inform me in comment section and then the other blogger will give a word and this is how the chain will go on then next week again a word and again a nominee.

I would like to nominate few of my friends for the same.

1. Our Mixed Box

2. Împerfectly Perfect Ťhoughts!

3. ritikapeace

And the word I want to give them is: Beauty

Good news,100th follower¡

Good news dear followers,

I’m blessed with 100 followers within 2 weeks of time.
And by that I gonna celebrate by giving something in back to my followers friends.

There are many who commented on my blog and there are few who left not reading a single post and top commenters. Planning to give a  chance to them to be post or write on my blog as guest writer for a week/month.

I hope you guys know who they are? I will share their links too.

  1. ritikapeace
  2. Shreya Sharma
  3. Pearled feelings
  4. my valiant soul
  5. pritu555

Dress me up


I am wearing Adam’s dress tonight,
The Eve of your evening,

Dress me up like a twisted band,
I don’t like the clothes,

But ashamed of being naked,
Come close, embrace my skin,
Without any man made clothes,

Dress me up with the body,
That you carry my heart,

Heat me as I shiver in cold,
Give me a tight hug as I tuck,
My head in your chest,touch me,
Teach me, lessons not learnt,
Songs never heard I want to moan,

Play as much as you want,
I will make those drops haunt.



Shirtless shivering night,
While the sun goes far away,
Temperature cease to kill the earth.

Learned today

We are born naked,we will die naked. Everything between these two is a comma.

Don’t like this post if you don’t read

Share the blog link whose work impress you lot and who motivates you lot.

I would like to see at least 10 best blogs below in comments..come on friends..share me.

Tips to How to get more likes? #1

Huh, you ever wondered how a freshly created blog get attention of many followers?

There is a simple of getting there and nothing big secret.

1. Select an easy theme which takes less time to load the page, because users don’t wait for your page to load.

2. Don’t put more pics and videos on the blog, because it will slow down the loading of the page.

3. Never select a theme which is transparent, I used to get irritated when I cannot read them properly.

4. Never write pages of story and here nobody reads only your blog, limit to 100 words max. I am sure any information you can write within 100 words, or split into many posts.

5. Read others work and comment them too, don’t automate to like your followers posts. I count comments not the likes.

I will write in another post of more tips !

There is no true love

Dudes, You might be wondering and getting angry over me.
Yes, that’s true there is no true love on this earth.

Mother’s love is true? or Girl Friend’s love is true?

What is true love?. A love without any expectation, a love without any demand,a love without any selfishness might be a true love.
But we have every love with some expectation, at least with an expectation of love in return.

This started with Adam and Eve amd still continues. If there is a miss in any of these expectations,demands or anything, then that relationship cease to break up.

Learned today

Live with the one whom you love or live with the one who loves you, else meet the fate of life.

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