Good news,100th follower¡

Good news dear followers,

I’m blessed with 100 followers within 2 weeks of time.
And by that I gonna celebrate by giving something in back to my followers friends.

There are many who commented on my blog and there are few who left not reading a single post and top commenters. Planning to give a  chance to them to be post or write on my blog as guest writer for a week/month.

I hope you guys know who they are? I will share their links too.

  1. ritikapeace
  2. Shreya Sharma
  3. Pearled feelings
  4. my valiant soul
  5. pritu555

38 thoughts on “Good news,100th follower¡

  1. pritu555

    Hey!! Even I didnt notice that I too crossed hundred followers.. bdw, am I supposed to understand that I am one of them u were talking about?


      1. apassersby

        I mean I already said in comment that you have a surprise upon my 100 followers celebrations 🙂 the surprise is nothing but a guest post


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