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Joke – Interview — August 7, 2017

Joke – Interview

HR : There is a 2 years gap on your CV!
Candidate : I was in jail

HR : Why?
Candidate: I killed the guy who told me “we’ll call you back”

HR : Welcome on board, you have the Job

Joke — August 4, 2017
Share me your life’s quote (5 seconds read) — August 2, 2017
How to live at peace —

How to live at peace

We all struggle to live up in peace with the surrounding restless world.
There is no peace anywhere, we gotta run in the race of life, to live with the people around you.
If we stop for a day we are at most extinct state of being and we will end up is mess.
So what can we do to keep in peace of mind and life.

#1. Do What makes you happy
#2. Listen to your heart not the people around you
#3. Be alone and feel yourself and love thyself
#4. Empathize with people around but don’t fall in prey
#5. Do meditate your thoughts

Love is a medicine — August 1, 2017
A girl’s wish — July 31, 2017

A girl’s wish

I want to touch me;

Like the feathers caressing silk.

I want you to kiss me;

Like the classic dove kiss.

I want you to stay with me;

Like the Sun and the Earth.

I want you to smile at me;

Like the moon on the sky.

I want you to hug me;

Like the new born baby.

I want you to look at me;

Like the mirror on the wall.

Most expensive gift —
When beloved people go far — July 29, 2017

When beloved people go far


Importance of a beloved people,
Shrink to a cell when we are near,
While we unveil the significance,
They fly afar,
Life brings up surprises,
We find new friends in life again.

Beneath the bruise — July 28, 2017

Beneath the bruise


She is hiding the pain,
Beneath the bruise in heart,
Not longing for his love,
But the memories he left,
Abandoned as an orphan,
And left her in middle of jungle,
Her smiles are fake in real.

Ask me anything! — July 23, 2017

Ask me anything!

Dear fellow bloggers you must be scratching your head to ask me something at times. If at all never had such feel, that’s ok.

If you are the ones head such thought ever, here is the opportunity go on. Ask me anything you want. I will reply to you.

As long as not offensive and not vulgar I will reply.

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