How did you propose your love?

Dear friends, we all have struck with love once in lifetime if not that stone hearted.
Here I am talking about the romantic love. You can share in comments, Did you really said ‘ I Love you’ in face? or Did you went home and ringed his phone and whispered in those words?

Or did you write it down on a paper and placed under his table in office and left on vacation without any communication? Sounds interesting right? share it , will be interested your impressive love proposals…

12 thoughts on “How did you propose your love?

  1. Sensible Soni

    Professing love is something neither me or my husband did. He had been my best friend and we were dancing to the tunes of “I am never gonna dance again” and strangely it was sealed with a kiss. Though he did propose for marriage in front of his entire family and bending on one knee with a ring in his hand.

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