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Thanks to my follower for giving such unique word which I never thought of writing.

Food, the God of hungry being,
Water, the God of thirsty living,
We live with burning of bread,
We run with the flow of aqua,
Let’s pray and eat,
Before we start to taste,
Must thank him for this moment,
Food the soul’s garment.

Life is beautiful

Beautiful life it is,

Expectations over God increases,

Over and over, day by day,

Our mood swaying away,

He gives what we deserve not desires,

We forget to observe and misperceive.

Think there’s one suffered more than you,

Not be excited when you are in excess,

there’s one offered more than your success.



Nature tried to clothe,
the naked blue sky,
But it condensed to rain.

God himself

When can’t come with everyone,

Created mother to live with, then,

He himself came as father.