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What should the man do survive himself? — January 4, 2018

What should the man do survive himself?


Share me your life’s quote (5 seconds read) — August 2, 2017
How to live at peace —

How to live at peace

We all struggle to live up in peace with the surrounding restless world.
There is no peace anywhere, we gotta run in the race of life, to live with the people around you.
If we stop for a day we are at most extinct state of being and we will end up is mess.
So what can we do to keep in peace of mind and life.

#1. Do What makes you happy
#2. Listen to your heart not the people around you
#3. Be alone and feel yourself and love thyself
#4. Empathize with people around but don’t fall in prey
#5. Do meditate your thoughts

When beloved people go far — July 29, 2017

When beloved people go far


Importance of a beloved people,
Shrink to a cell when we are near,
While we unveil the significance,
They fly afar,
Life brings up surprises,
We find new friends in life again.

Life is beautiful — July 16, 2017

Life is beautiful

Beautiful life it is,

Expectations over God increases,

Over and over, day by day,

Our mood swaying away,

He gives what we deserve not desires,

We forget to observe and misperceive.

Think there’s one suffered more than you,

Not be excited when you are in excess,

there’s one offered more than your success.

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Don’t like this post if you don’t read — July 7, 2017

Don’t like this post if you don’t read

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