There is no true love

Dudes, You might be wondering and getting angry over me.
Yes, that’s true there is no true love on this earth.

Mother’s love is true? or Girl Friend’s love is true?

What is true love?. A love without any expectation, a love without any demand,a love without any selfishness might be a true love.
But we have every love with some expectation, at least with an expectation of love in return.

This started with Adam and Eve amd still continues. If there is a miss in any of these expectations,demands or anything, then that relationship cease to break up.

30 thoughts on “There is no true love

    1. apassersby

      There is no confusion, No love is true on this earth, your dad pays your fees hoping one day you will help me , your mum showers love thinking that will remind you to take care her at old age, your son loves you hoping you wont scold him much or pay him for expense, hubby??? hhaha most terrible love šŸ™‚

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      1. pritu555

        It’s bit called dirty,
        It’s called erotic.
        And you write excellent, bdw, you write for yourself..not for others, we just enjoy because you share with us. If somebody dislikes it, it’s better if they unfollow.
        Then, there are people who don’t find it comfortable so, it’s there wish.. forget it.. you keep writing.. šŸ™‚

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      2. apassersby

        thanks for the support dear friend, she was like you commenting lot and had lot of things shared over comments..suddenly morning i saw a post saying…Guys I unfollow few of you..why because I don’t feel sensual poems are which I like….. then Kanjaro, Ellora, Kamasutra, and erotic sculptures on each temple tower is bad too, then we should not go there,, because there is a nude sculpture over a temple…right? Poets are artists and they imagine and pen down things….people should enjoy it and move on rather judging a person by it.

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      3. apassersby

        Good for supporting, in 5 years of blogging this is very first time I try erotic poems too..along with other parts of life…. I believe I should talk to only who really likes my poems…

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      4. pritu555

        Yeah, don’t worry if somebody unfollows you or if you get lesser likes in that genre, just look at the bright side, some people like it and keep track of the views haha! Bdw, you know what, what’s wrong in my blog? Some people view it, but never liie!!

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      1. Shreya Sharma

        This is a very misleading post anyway. Love is the most important thing in our life and if you consider your parents’ love as “not” true love, I don’t think you can ever respect or value any form of love in this world.

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      2. apassersby

        I don’t disrespect any love.. What I’m saying in i love back my parents because they love me so much… There are guys whose parents hate him…. Another woman love him as her son though he is with his parents…I don’t write things just for fun dear…I see reality and write.. Read Gita you will understand life better than now


      3. Shreya Sharma

        I do read Geeta, Ramcharitmanas. And As you say, you love them back because they love you. Well, there is always give and take. If there won’t be any give or take in any area, this world will cease. Still, I have seen people in unconditional love without any terms of conditions or restrictions.

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