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The Night’s whisper


the Moon and stars stare the skin,
Zephyr of moana abrades the sweating,
Along the forehead to gullet,
We swallow each other’s tongue,
Night’s whisper reverberates as –
the Sun rises above the Ocean’s head.


A girl – An odourless flower

An odourless flower she is,
Smells upon the way she is handled,
An aroma as we treat her good,
Stinks when our words stink her heart.

Civil war – Suicide of mankind

Dear Politico, we are not fighting against,
The aliens of mankind, rather ourselves,
Polluting the mother nature,
Make us feel raping the own siblings,
Rational mind is tortured to death,
We all throwing stones of our future,
It’s the hell we are building to rest.

Pray for the Syrians

Perished mankind

World if filled with despair,
It’s full of hatred and enmity,
Mankind perished in voyage.

What makes you to read a post fully?

Dear followers we all have an interest to read the whole post rather just hitting like button. Give a comment and say what makes you to read it fully?
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The love beyond the sky

Our love spreads beyond,
the sky and the galaxies,
Catch me in mind’s speed.

Hindi neither National nor Classical language

Hindi- as most of the outside world think of as the National language of India, You are wrong!!

When someone says I am from India, it doesn’t mean he should speak or write Hindi. India has 1652 languages with sizeable speaking population.
Out of 1652 languages government of India has approved 22 languages as official languages and Hindi is one among them.
So next time when you meet an Indian ask him what’s his language!!

India does not have a national language!

Widely Hindi and English are used in official documents and Hindi is enjoying the status with the gratitude of the other 21 languages.

There are about 6 classical languages are in India and Hindi is not one among them.

I will catch up in next post about the classical languages!