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Bitcoin is riskier than Stocks! — January 7, 2018

Bitcoin is riskier than Stocks!

All you wondered what I am talking about?.. Yes the new word Bitcoin that is spoken across the investment firms. A new form of very very high risky investment strategy.
Bitcoin is nothing but a cryptocurrency that is currently 1 Bitcoin equals
16470.04 US Dollar. Yes that huge!!
People are buying in the hope it will appreciate more in near future.
But remember that this is a very risky business than the stocks!

Do your own research before you invest in Bitcoins rather listening to the people around you.

What should the man do survive himself? — January 4, 2018
Tips to How to get more likes? #1 —

Tips to How to get more likes? #1

A Passers By

Huh, you ever wondered how a freshly created blog get attention of many followers?

There is a simple of getting there and nothing big secret.

1. Select an easy theme which takes less time to load the page, because users don’t wait for your page to load.

2. Don’t put more pics and videos on the blog, because it will slow down the loading of the page.

3. Never select a theme which is transparent, I used to get irritated when I cannot read them properly.

4. Never write pages of story and here nobody reads only your blog, limit to 100 words max. I am sure any information you can write within 100 words, or split into many posts.

5. Read others work and comment them too, don’t automate to like your followers posts. I count comments not the likes.

I will write in another post of more tips…

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How did you propose your love? — January 3, 2018

How did you propose your love?

Dear friends, we all have struck with love once in lifetime if not that stone hearted.
Here I am talking about the romantic love. You can share in comments, Did you really said ‘ I Love you’ in face? or Did you went home and ringed his phone and whispered in those words?

Or did you write it down on a paper and placed under his table in office and left on vacation without any communication? Sounds interesting right? share it , will be interested your impressive love proposals…

Eve’s night —
A corporate Indian government — January 2, 2018

A corporate Indian government

Indian government implemented a disabled demonetisation in last year and since then whopping of Middle class people’s money has been a routine of action in all viable ways.

State owned bank SBI and other banks announced a penalty of not maintaining minimum balance of 5000 INR.
Facing unprecedented pressure on their profitability due to staggering bad loans, banks have now found minimum account balance (MAB) charges as a lucrative source of revenue.
The State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest public sector bank, for example, raked up as much as Rs 1,771 crore during April-November 2017 in MAB charges. The amount surpasses the bank’s second quarter net profit of Rs 1,581.55 crore.

During the same period Indian government slashed the 3 lakh crore of INR of the corporate loans.
Should we call them Corporate Government or Government of People?.

how do you get more followers? —
Short Story – (Sharvari – Part:1) —

Short Story – (Sharvari – Part:1)

My diary!


(An unsuitable journey towards LOVE!)

She was staring at herself in the mirror looking at her face, when everything went still. It was as if her entire past was staring back. It reminded her of how she started her journey from a small town in search of love, and how she was back at square one!

Born in lower middle-class family Sharvari was a bright child with one baby brother. Sharvari’s childhood was a phase of her life that had shaped her for all the tragedies of life. Perhaps she had seen too much of what we call life! Being the elder sister of the family she never lived her life, she was constantly pressured by her family to earn more money and support her parents. Deprived of love from her family Sharvari started finding love in books and music. She would spend all her free time reading books and singing…

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Happy New You! —

Happy New You!

Mitch Teemley

Light breaking through1

“Anyone who belongs to Him is a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun.” ~2 Corinthians 5:17

I became a Jesus follower in my mid-20s, and have spent much of my life since sharing his lifechanging message. And yet some old patterns of thinking and behaving, some of the old person, persisted. It was as if I were using two conflicting operating systems. Not surprisingly, this caused frequent crashes!

“Kindle afresh the gift of God that is in you.” ~2 Timothy 1:6

So, four years ago, I recommitted myself to abandoning the old operating system and relying exclusively on the new one. But I couldn’t accomplish this on my own.

“Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given to do, and then sink yourself into that.” ~Galatians 6:4

Hungry for consistent functionality,I began downloading “apps”—memorizing, meditating…

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2017 in Glover Gardens: Looking Back to Look Ahead —

2017 in Glover Gardens: Looking Back to Look Ahead

Glover Gardens

It seems like yesterday that I was creating this post, Happy New Year!and looking ahead to 2017, and now here we are again, at the brink of yet another new year. I look forward to sharing and connecting with you all in 2018 via the Glover Gardens blog, and looking back at what you liked here in 2017 is giving me some ideas for the days ahead.

Popular Posts and Themes from 2017

You Read My Heartfelt Poems

steven-harvell-1423142466 My brother Steve

The #1 post, by far, was My Brother’s Suicide: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light.  The poem honors my brother, who left us in 2013. It was hard to write and share this, and yet so cathartic and restorative. Your response uplifted me.

22491917_10214376041985611_537336697105212003_n Dad and me in 1970

Four other poems were in the top posts of 2017, two of which reflect the unexpected…

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