Short Story – (Sharvari – Part:1)

The Cosmos within me!


(An unsuitable journey towards LOVE!)

She was staring at herself in the mirror looking at her face, when everything went still. It was as if her entire past was staring back. It reminded her of how she started her journey from a small town in search of love, and how she was back at square one!

Born in lower middle-class family Sharvari was a bright child with one baby brother. Sharvari’s childhood was a phase of her life that had shaped her for all the tragedies of life. Perhaps she had seen too much of what we call life! Being the elder sister of the family she never lived her life, she was constantly pressured by her family to earn more money and support her parents. Deprived of love from her family Sharvari started finding love in books and music. She would spend all her free time reading books and singing…

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