20 thoughts on “What should the man do survive himself?

      1. apassersby

        He can swing aorund the tree and can break a stick and beat the snake and get to top…else he can tear the shirt and put on the snake with one hand and then he can climb the tree and throw it down… then he has only proeb with lion , crocodile he can escape if lion is not there…so next he has make lion run away…he can use the same sticks to throw on lion and make him blind and then run away..crocodile cannot run that fast …live or die decision instead dying without trying

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  1. educatedunemployedindian

    May be the man should catch the snake & through it towards the crocodile while in full view of the lion. Then if everything works according to plan, the lion will leap to grab the snake & jump towards the crocodile, hopefully all three will die in this fight! Hopefully!

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