Bitcoin is riskier than Stocks!

All you wondered what I am talking about?.. Yes the new word Bitcoin that is spoken across the investment firms. A new form of very very high risky investment strategy.
Bitcoin is nothing but a cryptocurrency that is currently 1 Bitcoin equals
16470.04 US Dollar. Yes that huge!!
People are buying in the hope it will appreciate more in near future.
But remember that this is a very risky business than the stocks!

Do your own research before you invest in Bitcoins rather listening to the people around you.

29 thoughts on “Bitcoin is riskier than Stocks!

  1. Jon Amdall

    The best rule with cryptocurrency is, only invest what you can afford to lose. This market is high risk, high reward…in some cases VERY high reward.

    It is riskier than stocks, but even altcoins are booming more than anything I’ve ever seen. We’re talking 1000% increases just in a month. It’s worth dipping into, in my opinion.

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  3. Alex XO

    I must disagree with you! Yes, now Bitcoin differs by special price jumps, but.. If you choose the right company and beneficial buy Bitcoin, there is still a good chance that it will increase. Here’s another thing: people stopped believing in big names, as they already had been full to the throat of the standard scheme of such fake companies with customers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to apply to young companies, to look for those with good recommendations, for example CredoTrade and many others, to use new cryptocurrencies and stop in time to sell the currency, and not keep it on your accounts. I was lucky that I withdrew money in time, because now the price has fallen significantly, compared to the 18 thousand dollars that were in December, 2017. Nevertheless, now I’m learning different cryptocurrencies, which are a good alternative and way of earning. Develop your analytical thinking.

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