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Condom Education: Word challenge – sarcasm 

I accepted a word challenge from one of my fellow follower friend FREE TO EXPRESS and I am writing a poem on the word sarcasm.


Worth to be turn on TV,
Turned on adults advised to wear,
A phallus envelop,
A honeypot’s cup,
Children are taught,
Sex education at free of cost.

So here I have a word game where I will give the bloggers a word and you all have frame a blog with that word you can write anything an article, poem, 4liners, haiku, scribbles even you can tell any story of yours that comes in your mind related to it, anything and inform me in comment section and then the other blogger will give a word and this is how the chain will go on then next week again a word and again a nominee.

I would like to nominate few of my friends for the same.

1. Our Mixed Box

2. Împerfectly Perfect Ťhoughts!

3. ritikapeace

And the word I want to give them is: Beauty