Tips to How to get more likes? #2

Guys I am back with few more tips for getting more likes and users.

You can refer my first post for the tips and here I will add some of the things which I feel a good to share points.

1. Don’t just like other’s post, comment them at least once.
2. Follow the fellow bloggers from the same theme/genre.
3. Let other user publish their work on your blog.
4. Don’t show your vocabulary in blogging. Keep it simple.
5. Don’t repeat the points in the post, write to the point.
6. Don’t offend other blogger, if you dont like them, unfollow from their blog.
Nobody wants a moral police advice them.

These are the points I wanted to say today. If anything missed, please comment below that will be useful for others.

9 thoughts on “Tips to How to get more likes? #2

  1. swalia

    I have noticed that some people like posts even without reading. It’s always better to leave insightful comments. It helps in networking and building connections.

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  2. KathrinS

    Yes I agree, these are good tips! Especially nr 1 and nr 4. A blog isn’t a piece of literature – it’s supposed to be relatively easy to read! Thanks for sharing these.

    Kathrin —

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