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Shiva’s Dance — January 2, 2018

Shiva’s Dance

Timeless Classics

Once you have been blasted
Past a certain rise of pain
Spec’ially if it happens
Again and yet again

When all’s been lost, regained, relost
Eventually you
A place you cannot seem to leave
Find you have come unto

No matter how secure the walls
Steadily surround you now
How dignified and old the halls
How deeply servants bow

In your imagination see
Those walls come tumbling down
The halls collapse, each unctuous smile
Turn into threat’ning frown

It is a sobering affair
This knowledge of impermanence
Beneath the hoop of Shiva’s wheel
Where we’ve all come to dance

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Friends share me your first post of 2018 here — January 1, 2018
Happy New year!!![200 followers] — LOW ON JUICE —

Happy New year!!![200 followers] — LOW ON JUICE

So my resolution(s) for this year is to: 1)Plant a sapling every month. 2)Follow atleast 5 new people every week on WordPress. 3)Jog once a week(mostly sundays). 4)Smile at atleast 10 people every single day.https://wp.me/s8m6UN-smile 5)Read atleast 75 books(I have a membership with a library of taking 3 books at a time any number of […]

via Happy New year!!![200 followers] — LOW ON JUICE

2018- Happy New Year —

2018- Happy New Year

Welcome you with open handed,
Come with full of happiness,
Fill the prosperity everywhere,
Freshen the world with peace,
Wish you a very happy birthday.

Share the best post of 2017 — December 31, 2017
Food —



Thanks to my follower for giving such unique word which I never thought of writing.

Food the God of hungry being,
Water the God of thirsty living,
We live with burning of bread,
We run with the flow of aqua,
Let’s pray and eat,
Before we start to taste,
Must thank him for this moment,
Food the soul’s garment.

Close to my heart —

Close to my heart

A duet with a poetess:


Me: I was waiting over the bed,
Hoping you hold your finger,
Pulling close to chest ,

Her : Melting down like that candle wax,
Your love dripping over me,

Me: your breathe swings like the heat of sun,
My body melts like the wax,
I am melting and you lick it softly,

Her: Those smells lingers,
Feels like sandal wood,
All in this atmosphere,
The sugary love stays,
Soft lips melts more and more-,
in the charms of white sheets,
We got invisible,
Wrapping like two stems of climbers

Me: I ooze out the waxed droplets,
along the veins of your belly,
through the chest till the hips,
you smile like a honey bee,
As I drag the drops to draw a line of love,
your tongue’s fervor of feeling,
lifts me higher to ecstasy

Her: I held you fingers in mine,
As you tried to glide in,
Your eyes in me,
Like petals ready to bloom,
And the nights warmth covered more with its black ink,
As all the moons seem to glitter on two of us,

Me: You take my finger deep in throat,
Like swallowing the creamed sticks,
You make it dance like a star,
As I feel the heat and thin saliva,
It passes trough the tip and root,
You let not a droplet to lost.

Her: You take your finger out,
And cover my body with yours,
putting me under you,
I caress your cheecks,
Looking at your eye balls,
And you glide inside my hairs,
And tasted my warm flesh, its heat.

Me: I closely cover you under mine,
To safeguard against the enemy’s attack,
I become shield of your assets,
You take me along yours,
And hide under the bedsheet,
Till you swallow my manliness,
With your feminine and desire,
The lust inside burning like coal,
We thrive toward reaching a climax of scene.

All I can see in you — December 29, 2017

All I can see in you


All I can see in your eyes,
the love in one and lust in other,
As you advance the fingers,
Up and down, all o’er me,
As I slip in bed,
Your hands hold me up,
And you turning me on,
I still looking in eyes,
All I can see is searching,
The love in me, the love in me.

India —



India the peninsular land of saints,
A mountain of religions and beliefs,
Ocean of knowledge and science,
Was swallowed under the colonial rule,
Lost it’s morals and unity,
People forgot the ethics and divinity,
Divided and ruled for half millennium,

Patriots and freedom fighters,
Emerged and fallen under bullets,
the land of non-violence against British bullets,
Fetched the freedom under Mahatma’s leadership,
World understood the meaning freedom fight.

Democracy flourished and a declared republic,
Once again taken under control of politicians,
Was stolen and looted the wealth abroad,
She lost her beauty and customs,
Indians struggling under the poor leaders,

India the peninsular land of looters,
We pray her beauty to be revived.

Seasons — December 28, 2017


Seasons are reminders of our love,
We started as spring bees,
Our loved shed like an autumn,
Fights are heating like summer,
Hibernating our love as winter.

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